i am a giant (missvelveteen) wrote,
i am a giant

oh so domestic

When I was 19 and engaged I put together a hope chest. Inside it contained all of the things I thought I'd need for when Erik and I moved somewhere together. Today, however, it is four years later, and I'm not engaged or anything close to it; I'm a 23 year old dyke grrl looking to move into her own studio in Seattle.

I went shopping at Goodwill's Labor Day sale, as well as dug through the things my mom never uses, and now I have almost enough things for my own place and to start my new life. I'm taking inventory:

- full set of pots and pans
- basic cooking utensils
- drinking glasses
- salt and pepper shakers
- set of yellow and gold tupperware canisters from 1985. Thanks, Mom.
- spoon rest
- small wooden table for 2 people, plus table cloth. I need to scrounge up a pair of chairs.
- coffee mugs x3
- strainer
- 20pc stainless steel silverware set
- one large green mixing bowl

- toothbrush holder
- fancy jar for cotton wool/q-tips
- towels and washcloths

- full size bed and linens

- small television
- dvd player
- very comfortable and snazzy chair

- white 1993 Dodge Shadow
- water and food dish for Future Cat

My only rule for putting together my own place is that I purchase nothing new. I'm willing to take unused things from family members, visit thrift stores, and salvage from sidewalk free piles, but I want everything to be second hand so that I'm re-using things that others did not want. I like that idea.
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